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What started out as Green Outdoor Gyms in 2008, today GOG is undoubtedly Africa’s first and foremost outdoor health and wellness company. At GOG, we believe that health and fitness is a right – not the luxury of a privileged few.

GOG is the leading brand in outdoor health & fitness products, services and lifestyle experiences empowering all people of South Africa.


Africa’s first outdoor gym company, Green Outdoor Gyms was established in 2008 with the sole and only objective of taking health and fitness to the masses especially those who cannot afford commercial gyms. To date we’ve made inroads into all provinces across the country in an effort to ensure every community gets an outdoor gym facility.

We are a BEE Level 1 registered company, thus ensuring maximum points as per the procurement policy.  We are the only South African, as well as the only 100% black owned Outdoor Gym company in the republic.  To date we have installed in excess of 150 local sites (South Africa) boasting more than 50 internationally.

Outdoor Gyms

For an all-round gym experience we offer gym equipment for Outdoor use, Resistance Training and Street Workouts otherwise known as Calisthenics.

Play Gyms

A choice of Modular, Conventional Steel or Bootcamp play equipment is available. Our designs and installations are safe and provide a quality play experience.

Water Parks

We conceptualise and design innovative water parks and spray parks that are safe and fun.

Rubber Surfacing

Whether for use underneath playground, gym or other flooring surfaces, we provide environmentally-friendly rubber matting and surfacing solutions.