GOG Consulting: GOG Consulting offers Landscaping, Environmental and GEOTECH services. This unit is run by a specialist portfolio of experts to assist in the environmental, construction and engineering industries. We are CIDB-certified and a member of the South African Landscaping Institute.

Open spaces are an essential element within our cities, for ecological, socio-economic and place-making purposes. They allow for natural systems to flourish, the purify water, they harbour plant and animal life, clean the air and regulate the urban climate. This life-giving function of open spaces is most threatened by urban development (TOSF, 2006:6). It is, therefore, becoming very crucial for cities around the world to start to conserve and protect the few open spaces which remain.

Green Outdoor Gyms Consulting has been at the forefront of creating innovative outdoor Gyms within unique open spaces and landscapes. For over six years we have been encouraging public engagement within open spaces within the city and our passion has grown to now offer a holistic set of services which include Public Open Space Strategy development as well as Architectural services. This new service offering stems from our recent partnership with Stone Culture Consulting, a team of highly qualified people which comprise of GIS Specialists, Environmental practitioners, and Landscape Architects.


Landscape Architecture Design

Landscape Master Plans

Spatial Development Plans

Public Open Space Strategy Development

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA’s)

Visual Impact Assessments

Economic Viability Assessments

GIS and Remote Sensing, Mapping services

Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA’s)