Tim Hogins is at the helm of GOG, an 8-year-old company that is galloping forward at an incredible pace. From a R3M turnover in his first year of business, GOG is in the formidable position of being at the dawn of turning over R150M in the year 2018. A diversified portfolio of companies feed this growth, spearheaded by Hogins unyielding drive to move forward and build strong, proudly South African businesses.

It’s an inspiring narrative for the 37-year-old, a story that has humble beginnings in the dusty streets of Randfontein, a community on the west of Johannesburg. His upbringing was by no means privileged and after matriculating in 1996, Tim was faced with the daunting battle of building a career without any means with which to do so.

His first formal training outside of school was a field security course after which he worked as a security officer for approximately 12 months. During this period, he heard of a bursary initiative for an IT programming course. He applied, and after several failed attempts at aptitude and computer literacy tests, Tim was successfully awarded the bursary, through which he became a qualified MCSE and IT technician.


After a few years at a small IT firm, Hogins landed a job at the IT giant, Dimension Data as an IT consultant. He spent two years at Dimension Data working his way through the ranks until in 2007, he joined EOH.

During his two years at EOH, a vivid vision for Hogins future was realised and he began to create his own company, a company that focused on creating outdoor gyms.

In 2010, EOH retrenched Hogins as part of a company restructure. With nothing more than a vision and a fervent drive to make it work, Green Outdoor Gyms was registered the same year and the first fruits of his vision and labour were born.


From 2010, Green Outdoor Gyms has recorded substantial growth figures and become the leading name in Outdoor Gym and Play gym facilities. The company has set new standards of quality and completely unlocked the potential of health and fitness through
the use of outdoor gyms.

Very soon into this growth, Hogins saw a real need to diversify and use his experience in gym installations to broaden his company portfolio. In addition to installing hundreds of gyms around Southern African, the company has also invested over R45 Million in two Lifestyle Parks in Gauteng. These projects are both self-funded and self-sustaining businesses. A third lifestyle park, GOG Kids is also under construction at Chameleon Village, Hartbeespoort.

Another large-scale venture of Hogins diversification is the construction of Happy Island Waterworld, a R380 Million project in which Hogins is a partner with another investment consortium. This park is due to open at the end of 2018.


Hogins has what he calls a ‘billionaire mindset’ and his main objective is to nurture this mindset and inspire others to do the same. His vision is to build a billion Rand empire by 2020 and list on the JSE without the involvement of any business partners.

Business growth is fundamental to Hogins vision, but it’s part of a larger vision to change the doorsteps of many young people in South Africa. In his mind, his businesses are also platforms to shape the country he so loves and to give other children the platforms and creativity to build wealth for themselves. It’s the reason that he has created entities such as the GOG Foundation, an entity that aims to give back to underprivileged schools and communities. It’s the reason that GOG builds gyms and play facilities at no cost in these areas.

Under Tim’s leadership, GOG has recently completed a full brand relaunch and strategic repositioning. GOG continues to diversify and forge its own path in various industries. For Tim, this is just the beginning.

“I don’t concern spend too much time worrying about the money. I do what I love. I do what’s in line with my vision. I do things that positively impact the people around me. The money seems to follow thereafter.” – Tim Hogins